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by admin on October 12, 2010

Link building in SEO plays an important role in getting a top rank to a website. And it requires a commitment and steady efforts by Experts. The following are the best strategies used by the SEO Professionals.

Searching Suitable Links

This is a perfect old technique used by many SEO experts. The main objective is to add a link in search pages (in Yahoo / Google) which are shared or paid with your keyword or closely associated content to it. Various links submitted like above method generated the highest PR links.

The following keyword searches can be experimented by anyone for better understanding and ranking: Use the following search frames (Intitle):  “add tiltle+url “ or  “submit tiltle+site name”  or  “submit tiltle+url”  or  “add tiltle+site”  or “add title+your+site” or “submit directory / list / sites”  as “keyword search phrases”.

Appropriate Competitors’ Links usage:

This is one of the most successful ways to build links, and is commonly experienced. The aim is to add all possible links (domains and pages) to your challenger’s sites. This is very easy process because the site link is adding out to people in your network and your job can be done with in no time.

The below methods are the most consistent, dependable and typical way to find the links (sites and pages) of your competitors sites which you are linking.

The following methods are most helpful to find your competitors’ links:

  • In Yahoo, you can type – link domain: url.comsite: & link: http: //
  • In MSN’s tech preview type link: url.comsite:
  • In Google type “” – site:

Directory Submissions:

Directory Submissions are still suitable, applicable and most dependable SEO service in link building. Gathering of a comprehensive list of all directories include PR, and submitting your required content to those List of SEO Directory pages, must be fixed with appropriate text, the content and the title fields to be used as much as possible. An expert SEO can achieve maximum backlinks for your site just from directories.

Competitive Linking

The Competitive approach will help you create a majority of visitors to your website. Search Engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN and others helps to give a visibility your keyword frames or phrases of site and make a point of an effort to get a link from each page. This process may be very much prolonged, but at the same time it is extremely worthwhile. Suppose if your site has not received any higher rank, then too each link from a site which ranks in the top order will bring you the direct and targeted traffic.

Online Link Submissions in Forums & Communities

Links generation through forums is widely considered as spam, but forums are valuable link builders if proper methods are adopted. The major goal of joining a forum or a community must be placing your website in a good place by contributing and learning from the community through constant submissions of reliable topics. Constant postings to their new directories, articles, etc. in SEO forums people will remain long in SEO rankings. But be careful while posting in forums, there may be spam advertisers or links always produces hurdles to your site.

Writing and Submission of Articles:

An incredible way to create quality links from other sites is only possible by writing a distinctive and valuable content about your subject to your own site. This is the most vital part of SEO process. So many presented websites are designed, hosted and content provided and link builded by others.

Following are some of the popular3rd-party article hosting sites.

Universal Articles – which cover an ample range of topics and are submitted: ;;;

Links submissions in Blogs & Commenting in other’s Blogs

Blogging is a very natural, valuable and most effective way to get acceptable inbound links, and by maintaining your own personal blog, you can comment on other sites more easily to generate more backlinks. Only by passing reliable and valuable comments on specific subjects will create your reputation rather than posting spam. The content is interesting and relevant you could build much more reputation through your comments by a single link itself.

Hiring Pages from Authorized Sites

This approach is not frequently used, but it is exceptionally valuable and helpful. You can hire a page on given authoritative sites, for a monthly or weekly fee. Later you can add your content & links on the page to your own site(s) with the affix key text you choose and the format which you select. There will not be much difference between the hiring approach and article owning, but advantage with hiring is moving forward to a site or company and capturing the visitors or hosted users of the sites with your contents & links and get benefitted by increasing the page rank.

Online Ad Purchase

Link building advertising is costly but if managed correctly gives best returns. Maintaining of all reviews regarding this link advertising is very important, otherwise errors may arise in click options (like double clicking), viewers feed backs and click statistics for ratings and redirected links etc. If the above are maintained properly and follows the reviews from viewers and updating the scripts regularly will give good ratings for your links.

Natural Link Building

Most of the popular sites in web are the followers of this Natural Link Building process. This method is very tricky, hard and takes more time to build the link with natural process by using very reliable and powerful content in business community sites. This natural process may be developed by using good resources, services and tools etc. Gaining the popularity with natural process in search engines is mainly depend on the natural links which must contain good key phrases, relevant content of your business.

Donations & Charity

Non-Profit Organizations, Charity Institutions, NGO bodies or Other Social Groups will occupy the high PR in Search Engines. If you build your websites to this type of links the traffic will increase for your business or industry. Using of the best key words like help, give, social organizations, donations, charity, non-profit bodies etc. will get you the page links to linkup your site. The following of the above mentioned websites are globally transmitted through their services, and your links also will get PR along with their network.

Link Brokers

Link brokering is purchasing of the text links of high PR websites, similar to your (text content and articles or topics) website to build along with that and get good return links. While purchasing these text links you must identify or track points like the topic must be relevant, strictly related, should have high PR and no duplication of other sites.

Exclusive link building tools and Services

Using natural link building services with specific tools available in the web can increase traffic to your website. The contents /topics must be exclusive means your site should be specific with some unique concept may be related with Tourism, Bio Industry, Human relations, Properties, Cultural & Linguistic, Fund management, Automotives etc. Only identifying them and by using relevant tools submit the content to related Directories or place your content as free downloads.

Automated Link Building Programs

In general the link building process may be of manual or automated. In this automated link building process there are advantages as well as disadvantages:


Time Saving – With fast growing Internet services this automated process saves time and will get required sites for your quality link submissions and automatically send emails to the web groups.                                       Fast loading service: Emailing and Contacting to the possible links cannot be a easy task in Manual services. Only automated system can manage this job fast and efficient manner.


The main disadvantage of automated link building process is it does not support web groups and outlook settings also does not support automated link requests/requirements and are candidly send to trash.

Press Releases

Press releases are printed with titles, key words and article subject. By using these press release services fresh articles or contents can be posted and can be ranked in sites. If any picky, motivating or well-inspiring press release by you may grab the attention of superior webmasters in the market. Very important point to keep in mind that duplicate or copied content penalty will be imposed on your website if the published content is as such and on the press release it will be noted that not to re-publish your site.

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I Like the Competitors links finding method. Thanks fr sharing such a nice article. I will use this for my client websites to get backlinks.


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Complete link building course here.Thank you.


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Thanks guys but links can come if you write great content too. :)


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Thanks i think this is your best article i have read yet i have been trying to understand how the linking works and these back links your article has helped me alot thanks once again keep up the good work!


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